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There are two types of students: the involved and the detached. But then there are the students who feel the need to comply their opinion for matters of amusement.

Senior Dane Palanjian has won multiple class clown awards every year since 2nd grade. His favorite teacher to joke around with is Mrs. Taylor because he knows she won’t take his jokes seriously and accepts his sense of humor. Palanjian says it takes only one person to start the jokes in class, the ringleader, and that is him. He likes to crack inside jokes and single out a friend who understands his humor unlike strangers who might take it offensively. Although he’s goofy in his math class, he isn’t necessarily the same way in his other classes. “I’ve grown, matured, and learned there’s a time and place for everything,” he paused, “But I did get kicked out of my english class, permanently about a month ago. I’ve also had very strong, important parent meetings like every year. But that is what’s funny to me.” Palanjian knows his boundaries but says he crosses them every single time. He feels being funny is just a natural effect. “You can’t change who someone is, it’s my personality, and it’s who I am.”

Senior Jasmine Hernandez feels an admirable class clown is someone who is not only hilarious, but friendly. “I depend on class clowns to make me laugh. But hurtful, offensive and racist jokes are not funny.” Hernandez says that random jokes are the funniest, jokes that apply to the class topic or conversation, and are school appropriate.

“School is boring… no one likes it. Class clowns make a boring class entertaining by making jokes for the class to enjoy.” said junior Gerardo Moreno, a fellow class clown. Moreno spreads a positive vibe around the campus and tries to make the best out of school. He enjoys making his peers laugh and believes that no one should waste time being down or unhappy. “I was an immature little booger as a freshman,” Moreno admits, “I was fresh out of Ensign and never took people or school serious.” Moreno understands that there are boundaries when cracking jokes. “I usually like to pick on my friends who are familiar with my humor rather than accidently saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.” He says he acts the same way outside of school and doesn’t take him long to develop comfort with his classmates. Moreno says the jokes always come natural and he never really has to think about what he’s going to say next.  

“Many consider themselves to be a class clown but I think they’d be funny doing things that’s original and not overplayed.” said Ms. Kirby. Kirby believes that there is a line that many cross because they don’t understand the “social Q’s.” For example, giving warnings to the student that she has moved on from the joke and it was only funny the first time. She finds it annoying when she has repeatedly asked the student to stop because it is a waste of class time. “I have a pretty good sense of humor.” said Ms. Kirby, which is why students find it easier to joke in her class.

“Evan Perez, please report to the principal’s office immediately,” are the words Junior Evan Perez heard while _________ (doing what?) in his 5th grade class. Perez was suspended from (WHICH) school for calling another student inappropriate names. “I joke about whatever I get set up for.” said Perez. Perez enjoys cracking jokes back and forth with his math teacher Mr. Clay. (WHY) He admits he isn’t embarrassed to be himself because he’s known most of his classmates since elementary school. “I was careless during freshman year and got myself in more trouble then.” Of course there are boundaries when cracking jokes & Perez says it isn’t fair to make fun of teachers because _________________. Perez enjoys laughter and making others laugh because he wants to make the best of life.

“I personally feel that anyone can be a class clown with classic, original jokes and a good class clown is someone who can make anyone and everyone laugh.” said Sophomore Katherine Becerra. Becerra finds it annoying when class clowns cross the line and “don’t know when to shut up.” She feels that school is a place for learning and doesn’t want to be distracted by class clowns or people who think they’re funny. “Sometimes, class clowns aren’t even funny and most of the time, I find them disrespectful. There is always one class clown (or someone who thinks they’re funny) in one of your five classes. Sophomore and senior classes are way different and the jokes are too.”

The majority of students in class will laugh at class clowns jokes and have a good time. Being able to make people laugh is a social skill that can go a long way in high school whether it’s making friends or making a social situation less awkward. Clowns seem to be the most popular and are known for better things. Of course there are a lot of positive things to say about a class clown, but there are negatives as well. One negative conflict would be the distraction they cause in the middle of a lesson. A lot of other students get frustrated with having to put the class on hold while a teacher writes a detention slip. There will always be that group of students that find class clowns annoying as well as people who enjoy their presence.

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