Megan Farley
News Editor

Not many young students get to see their work in print.  Senior Maggie Goodson was able to read her story published in the most recent March publication of the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation newsletter as well as at their online website. 

Goodson first was introduced to the writing contest by Angie Miner in the counseling office.  Immediately intrigued by the contest, Goodson wrote her “feel-good” short story.  The prompt given had limited constraints, with the only rule being that a library was to be involved in the written work. 

Back in October, Goodson found out that her story had won the contest with a $250 cash prize as well as being published.  She was “really happy” when they notified her about her success. It wasn’t until the February/March issue that her story was available for the public to read.  For anyone who is interested in her story it is can be found on the nbplfoundation.org. 

Her story takes readers to a “bitter, old woman who is stuck in her ways” but through meeting a special little boy, her whole life is changed.  I won’t give away the rest of the heartwarming story but I recommend you read it online or pick up a copy of their newsletter which can be found at the local library. 

Goodson plans to double major in English and Biology at whatever college she ends up at, come next year.  She does not “see [herself] as a writer” in the future “but who knows.”  With one successful, published work under her belt, it really is a question as to what will come in the future.  

Goodson does not favor one type of writing over the other, yet she does describe her own style as “poetic with a lot of descriptions and long sentences.”  Her favorite book, In Cold Blood, was read this year in her AP Language class

Goodson is also the team captain of the girls’ cross country and track team. 

“I would consider writing for another contest.  It was fun and an honor to win an award for my work,” said Goodson.

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