Miranda Hart
Staff Writer

You may have been walking around the school hallways and have noticed that many students are wearing t-shirts with the word Advert on it. Advert apparel is a new clothing line designed and started by Senior, Diego Vourakis. Recently Senior, Fernando Garcia has been making designs that will soon go on Advert Clothing.

Vourakis developed the idea a little over a year ago and finally, after a year of finalizing his plans and putting many thoughts together, he started selling his products in November. “I have always appreciated the effort artists would put on each of their designs and shirts so I decided to create my own thing, put my own style to it and give people good quality clothing for fair price” said Vourakis.

Some of you may be thinking, what does Advert mean? The name ‘Advert’ has more than one meaning.  This company is dedicated to action sports such as skating, BMX, surfing and much more. “I’ve always wanted to find a name that would fit the purpose” said Vourakis. “The word ‘Advert’ means to notice and I’ve always seen all of these really good athletes not being noticed for their skills and hard work so the name was dedicated to them.”

There have been a lot of things that have helped Vourakis out along the way. For example, a few weeks after releasing his products, Vourakis had gotten a call from a company offering him a job of silk screening that taught him everything he need for his business. “That way I learned and was able to make Advert products myself which is a lot more affordable and convenient” said Vourakis.

Starting your own business is a lot of hard work and it was even more work than what Vourakis had imagined but even after everything it is all worth it. “That feeling I get seeing people wear my product is priceless”, said Vourakis. ” I’m really happy seeing that not only I’m getting support from friends but also people I have never met from other cities and even states and recognizing all the effort I put in it.”

 One of Adverts next big projects is putting their clothing at Surfside and Jack’s so keep an eye out for it. Advert clothing prices vary, but their main prices are $10 for men shirts, $15 for women apparel, $30 for Zip-up hoodies and the next products that will be coming out are hats and beanies. If you are interested in taking a look at Advert Clothing there isn’t a website yet but you can look at their Facebook page (Advert) or follow them on Instagram at @Advert_clothing.

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