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Staff Writer 

Monique Claudio
Staff Writer

   Librarians crack the whip.  A new library rule at Newport Harbor made its debut a few weeks ago after staff, decided enough was enough.  The computers were being “vandalized” stated head Librarian Brooke Bargas.  “We had 5 broken keyboards in the last 3 months.  Students pull cords attached to the monitor, stick gum in the USB drive, and unplug wires from the computer,” said Mrs. Bourgeois.  The long-standing 5’ x 3’ sign hanging above the heads of many students in the library: “NO FOOD OR DRINKS, NO GAMES, VIOLATORS WILL BE ASSIGNED LUNCH DETENTION”, was not enough to deter these vandals.

The new rule would enforce the fact that not only are students not allowed to “fool around” on the computers, but they are also not allowed to practice anything that is not school related.  That means no checking emails, no watching videos and no surfing the web for fun or out of boredom. 

The rule came about because librarians discovered several different groups hanging out in the library during break or lunch and found them not only breaking the rules, but also breaking the computers and abusing the freedom that Newport Harbor Staff so generously offers.  Almost on a regular basis, the library had become a new hangout spot for students during lunch and break, which would have been ideal if they were being productive; doing homework, studying, using the library for its actual intent.    

                Students have reacted, no surprise, with many differing opinions.  “People come to the library if they have an open period and since freshman and sophomore can’t leave campus, we like to hang out in the Lab.” said Sophomore Alexis Jimenez and “I know we aren’t supposed to visit certain websites but kids are going to do what they are going to do. I know kids who hack through the computers and log onto Facebook.”  Jimenez feels that the only good thing about making a mandatory rule for students to follow is there will be more computers for other students to use.  Senior Kelsey Metoxen stands on the other viewpoint.  She approves of the new rule, and feels “they’re fantastic rules, I hate it when kids come in here loud and noisy and I can’t do my homework. People are breaking computers instead of doing their homework; I really hope this rule works.”

Only time will tell if this new rule can stand up against these vandals.


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