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Megan Farley
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After 148 years, Mississippi Finally Ratifies the 13thAmendment

In December of 1865, ¾ of the states ratified the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery. Mississippi did not ratify this amendment until February 7, 2013 and only then because of the movie Lincoln. After seeing the movie a Mississippi resident learned that his state had not authorized the amendment and contacted the Mississippi Secretary of State about the oversight. The state had previously voted for ratification in 1995 but failed to make it official by notifying the United States Archivist, finally, due to a citizen’s curiosity, the amendment was approved, 148 years after the amendment passed nationally. 
World-Power Housing Market Crash Trend: This Time in China

China currently has the second largest economy in the world and the largest housing bubble in history. “Ghost Towns” of newly constructed real estate exist in the most populated nation in the world. Between 12 and 24 new, and uninhabited, cities are being built every year and the Chinese keep investing. In an interview with 60 Minutes, the largest homebuilder in the world, Wang Shi, told the reporter that the housing bubble is about to burst; prices are 45 times the average citizen’s yearly salary, builders are in debt, construction works are losing jobs, and bills are unable to be paid. 
U.S. Calls for Ban on Drunk Diplomats at UN Budget Meetings

 On March 4, the deputy U.S. ambassador to the United Nations proposed to the General Assembly that, “the negotiating rooms in future be an inebriation-free zone”. The Fifth Committee, which conducts the annual vote on the budget commission, usually occurs around late December. During these long and heated debate meetings ambassadors have observed that some participating diplomats have been boozing before and during sessions. The United States is leading a ‘crack-down’ on these types of shenanigans. 

Chipotle Goes Healthy and Organic 

The Chipotle chain is testing a local, artisan, organic, and “better-tasting” tofu option in its San Francisco stores before deciding if they should take it national. This new protein filling will be called “sofritas” and is classic tofu braised with chipotle chili and spices. Chipotle spokesmen have reported great success with the product although they are not revealing sales data. If the tofu option continues to be a hit, it will be featured in our local Newport and Costa Mesa branches later this year.

Wait a Minute; You Aren’t a Bishop!   

Last Monday, Ralph Napierski, a German man disguised as a Bishop, attempted to sneak into secret Vatican meetings involving the selection of the next pope. Napierski claimed to represent the nonexistent German Catholic Order, “Corpus Dei”.  The phony website for this church offshoot listed Bishop Napierski as an “internet activist and hacker for information freedom” as well as a “Jesus Yoga”enthusiast. He was stopped by security just before entering the meeting, but after mingling with Cardinals, due to his too short cassock (robe), black fedora, and bright purple sash.

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