Courtney Howarth
Staff Writer

What’s so special about being fifteen? You may feel like the awkward stepchild in that you are no longer a “little freshman” yet you are still not considered an upper classman. However, being fifteen can have its advantages.  Think of it this way, you can get your learner’s Permit when you’re fifteen.  If you are of the Hispanic heritage you get to celebrate a girls’ Quincenera.  Additionally, you can earn more under the table than your average college graduate (yes babysitting does pay off).  And finally, you are only two years away from leaving the “Newport Beach bubble” to embark on a real world college experience.

Melissa McCaslin
Staff Writer

Aside from being another year older, turning sixteen comes with a few fun and exciting newly opened doors and opportunities. Clearly, everyone spends years of childhood and adolescence looking forward to and dreaming of the day they will master and achieve the right to legally drive. So much comes out of simply having a license. You gain more independence, but that does also mean gaining more responsibility with it. In addition to that, being sixteen also means there are more working opportunities. We’re lucky to live in an area that offers so many places to work, but a lot of them will only hire people who qualify by meeting the age limit, where sixteen seems to be a popular age in that category. A driver’s license and a job can often be exciting for a teen; probably more exciting than donating blood, but this is also another advantage of being sixteen. Sixteen is the legal age limit to be capable of donating blood with a parental consent in the state of California. Above all, although sixteen is just another year, it can be exciting and productive. It all depends on what you choose to make of it.

Carly Searcy
Copy Editor

When turning 17, the first thing many think of as an advantage of being one year older than 16, is being able to buy their own rated R movie ticket.  Although that can be quite exciting, there are other perks of being 17 as well.  For example, for the first time, people can drive around all of your friends… legally.  For many, 17 is the age when some students begin to really look ahead in their lives and begin to narrow down where they want to go college or what career they want to do.  Also, 17 year olds get to start planning their extravagant 18th birthday party.  Overall 17 is an exciting age with a lot to look forward to.

Madison Collins
Features Editor

Congregates you are now 18! You can buy cigarettes, vote, enlist in the army as well as go to jail. However did you know you can also; be sued or file a lawsuit, rent a car in New York, work potentially anywhere, and even buy a house! Being 18 seemingly changes everything, you are officially an “adult,” and can begin making your own choices and supporting your own opinions. Eighteen is a time where real life is knocking at the metaphorical door; the choices made now will define the future and shape the days to come. By the time most reach the age of 18 college choices or career options are thrown into the air. This is a stressful time for many but don’t forget to enjoy the carefree side of being eighteen, like attending late night show filming and entering sweepstakes!

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