Maryn Call
Student Life Editor

Let me introduce a new breed of high school student that has recently been introduced to the Newport Harbor campus.  They are rarely seen on campus but when they are spotted they are usually clad in some sort of legging/sweatpants ensemble sporting an “I don’t care” attitude along with an apparent desire to be anywhere but school.  Thought to be the ruler of the campus and at the top of the high school hierarchy behold the elusive Second Semester Senior.        

First semester grades have been out for months and almost every college has released admissions decisions.  Most of the angst and fret that comes with senior year has vanished. It’s safe to say high school is the last thing on their mind with college and graduation quickly approaching.  Countdowns to graduation are prevalent everywhere, but like myself, I am sure other seniors are aware of how bittersweet the next month as going to be as most say goodbye to their friends and Newport.  Seniors have adopted “cool” attitude of being “so over” high school and homework. These emotions are being treated with a universal effective cure-all: ditching.

While teachers hate this, parents seem to feel it’s their child’s decision or are completely obvious to their 18 year olds post-adult decision making. Most seniors are too busy not being at Harbor to worry about the consequences of playing hooky.  But with the days until departure from your friends and family dramatically dwindling there seems to be no other choice but to spend time with those that you care about.  There is nothing wrong with a couple of ditch days as long as your grades don’t suffer; the last thing anyone wants, administration and student alike, is to not receive a diploma and graduate. We have worked for four years to walk down that isle clad in a sailor blue cap and gown, don’t give that up for too many days at the beach.  I would hope that most seniors at this point have a steady idea of what classes they can afford to miss, and which they simply cannot.  If you are on the brink of a D in senior English I would suggest you get your attendance (and your grade) up. The days worth missing are those with substitutes or an excess of busy work.

As the saying goes too much of a good thing is not good. Getting a refreshing day off of school every once and a while can be rejuvenating and even inspire a person to work harder when they get back. Even if you aren’t inspired and are still counting the days till the weekend at least you have something to look forward to that isn’t as far away as graduation.  But with ___ days of school left, graduation is coming up faster than you think. You can only miss so many days and earn your diploma. Will you be walking at graduation?

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