Conner DiPaolo
Copy Editor

Culminating an eventful season, the Newport Harbor High School boys wrestling team currently reflects of their tribulations and successes while contemplating how to improve for next year.

As a whole, went 10-5 in the sunset league and accomplished many of their goals. Though they won two times as many matches as they lost, the team was ineligible for the team competitions at CIF because of their sub-par results at Sunset League Championships.

While the team did not advance to CIF, five individuals made it to competition with Senior Mason Murphy, unsurprisingly, finishing extremely well in 6th place overall.

Coach Dominic Bulone said, “I am real proud of Mason for getting sixth place in only his first full season of wrestling.”

Mason Murphy has become a star on the wrestling team, but he is originally a kick boxer, only doing wrestling to stay in shape and provide a base fitness and skill not found in his other sports.

Besides  Murphy, Junior Andrew Craft, and Senior Larson Harley both made it into the second day of competition for CIF individuals. Virgilio Martinez and R.J. Roberts were defeated on the first day of competition, leaving them unable to advance.

Statistically, Murphy had the upper hand over most of the team during the season, with the highest wins (by10), team points (by 43.5), takedowns (by 62), reversals (by 4), and decisions (by 7). Larson Harley and Andrew Craft also had a standout season coming out right below Murphy.

“Paul Champol should be good next year,” said Coach Bulone, “as well as the returning juniors- James Pilz, Andrew Craft, and Ryan Taormina. They all have good athleticism, good technique.”

Champol finished the year out with 21 wins in favor of Newport Harbor.

 “I want to win state [championships] next year. I need five matches to get to finals,” said Champol.

The team is looking to improve in standing next year, as always, and as a result of focusing on the takedowns they have more ground to make up in other areas.

“We improved greatly in the takedown arena,” said Coach Bulone, “ The focus was on takedowns, so we didn't have as much time to focus on other things- for example, mat wrestling.”

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