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Dedication, hard work, sportsmanship- those qualities all define the Newport Harbor High School girls track and field team as they represent their school and win countless medals.

On the girls team, the distance program has been making leaps and bounds in results as a follow through of their cross country season filled with wins.

“I'm pretty pleased [with our program], the problem is that you have so many events and a few holes left because of graduates. I'm real proud of the whole distance program and the younger girls. [sophomore] Erin Barth is our star distance runner... We just have a lot of good freshman,” said Head Girls Coach Eric Tweit.

Paige Tennison, after a few week break from running, has returned to racing. In her first race, the varsity 1600 meters at the Irvine Distance Medley, Paige ran a 5:18.73 for sixth place. In the varsity 3200 from the same meet, she ran a 11:34.68 for fourth place. Paige's personal records of 5:09.07 in the 1600 and 10:36.07 in the 3200 were ran last season.

Erin Barth, momentarily filling the shoes of Paige Tennison, has had to carry the team through thick and thin to leave the distance team on top of the rankings. Barth's personal records of 5:12 in the frosh-soph 1600 meters, ran during the Irvine distance carnival, and 11:45.4 in the 3200 meters which she ran at the same meet give her a solid base for top finishes in most of her races. Erin's 5:12.67 at the distance carnival shocked the crowd with a meet record time for the distance.

“I've been struggling with [which sport is more important] for a while so I can't say for sure which one I want to pursue yet in terms of going further like in college. I started running to keep in shape for soccer, but I found I loved both sports. I find myself going back and forth for which one is my 'main sport' but I feel if I put in enough effort for both I won't have to choose for a while,” said  Barth, a varsity soccer player as well, “The workouts are much more rigorous than they have been in the past so I can tell Coach Tweit is really trying to puch me and train me to my full potential.”

Hurdle and JV coach, Keira Kirby, has brought her JV team to win after win among their level at most meets.

"I feel that [coaching] is an opportunity to get to know students in another way. I really get a lot of satisfaction when I see firls finish their hurdles races. I love seeing people improve over time- it's probably one of the most rewarding aspects of coaching,” said Coach Kirby, “ It's not about the money, being tat we spend almost all of our stipend on gas [to get to meets].”

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Although It was hard, they played very well.


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