Carly Searcy
Copy Editor

The Newport Harbor girls basketball team overall was 4-22 and 0-10 in league.  Although it was not the girls basketball team most successful season, they “grew as a team and accomplished many goals that were set” said Coach Long.  Coach Long also said that “the team has a lot to look forward to in their future and always work their hardest”.

Throughout the Girls Basketball season, the team was abound with leaders. Freshman Jasmyn Winters was the teams leading scorer and even though she missed 11 games due to injury, she averaged eight points per game. Jennifer Lopez led the team in rebounding averaging six rebounds a game. Jennifer Lopez also lead the team in steals per game with an average of 2.3 per game.  Winters had “a knack for scoring” so with her out 11 games due to her injuries “the team really struggled putting the ball in the basket,” Coach Long explained. Coach Long believes that the team “moved the ball around and executed their offense well, but they weren't finishing around the basket.” With Jasmyn Winters out for half of the season “the team was able to build other players in the process” said Coach Long.  Having the point guard, Jasmyn Winters, as well as their leading scorer out Winters was “the teams biggest obstacle but we worked around it,” said Long.

During the Ocean View Tournament back in December, the Newport Harbors girls basketball team beat the San Juan Hills team with a score of 34-32 and many of the girls Newport’s team said “it was the teams most memorable moment throughout the whole season.”

Next season the returning players will be Jennifer Lopez, Bela Raimondi, Elizabeth Kremer, Madison Morris, Jordan Perry, Hannah Doolin, Jasmyn Winters and McKenna Izzi.  The fact that the team could potentially return next season with eight out of ten returning players and six of them being the top scorers is “very nice for the team” said Long.

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