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Gnarly Sport. Surfing is just that.

The NHHS surf team finished 3rd at this year’s state championships, getting beat by only always dominant San Clemente and Edison High Schools.

The NSSA surfing championships took place over the March 8-10th weekend, and was host to 3-5 foot surf, allowing the Sailors to display their fine-tuned abilities. 

Leading the pack for the sailors was senior Colin Moran, who won the Mens Short Board title, edging out San Clemente’s Brendan Taylor with a score of 13.66.

Senior Will Laidlaw placed 5th in the Varsity Mens Longboard Division, yet another impressive score for the Sailor Surfers.

The females were also well represented with freshman Claire Olmstead placing 6th in the JV Womens Division.

“The opportunity that we are given... being able to wake up, go down to the beach, and catch waves with a bunch of friends before class is a really cool and unique experience” and “all four coaches are really mellow, nice, and experienced,” said freshman surfer Claire Olmstead. 

This is a feeling that is shared by most of NHHS surf squad, as they unanimously agree that they are a part of something truly special. 

This course offers a block zero period of rare experience, surf instruction, and fun. 

The class presents one miniscule dilemma; trading an extra hour of slumber for a morning in the water with friends. Recently, the surf team’s efforts have reached the world stage, as they were given the opportunity to travel to Nicaragua last month.

The trip took place over the Presidents Week break, as they turned Ski Week into Surf Week.

They took over a surf camp, with catered meals and overhead surf.

Coach Matt Burns remarked that this season is “not finished until June, and has had some ups and some downs but {the team} has proven {that they can} work hard and have made impressive improvements in just these past 6 months”.  

“I feel like we can finish in the top 4 at nationals and have an excellent shot at winning it all. I think we have a strong and young team and every year we have the potential to win the national championship” Burns said.  

This is carrying on a tradition of excellence for the surf team, as NHHS surf has a history rich with success. Surfers like Moran, who is “pretty much the key surfer on the team” according to Coach Burns, will need to target that internal thirst for competition to lead Newport Harbor to a win in this year’s National Championship. 

The National Championship will take place over June 15-17 at Salt Creek in Dana Point, a storied spot for great waves of all kinds.

In a city by the beach, there will always be those attracted to getting pitted, hanging ten, and riding giants.

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