Carly Searcy
Copy Editor

College Knowledge Night is a night where students are informed by professionals about different aspects of the college process, anywhere from a student’s college essay to choosing the right school.  It is a college event meant for high school students and their parents and it is completely organized by Newport Harbor.  There was a total of 14 speakers in 14 different classrooms teaching workshops ranging from the “The Pros/Cons of Attending an East Coast College” to “The College Essay: Finding Your Story”.
The night started at 5:45 pm on Wednesday March 6, with checking in and getting the schedule and the College Knowledge Night presentations began at 6 pm. This night was open to all students, grades 9-12 and their parents. All high school students in the Newport-Mesa district were welcome to this event. It took place mainly in Beek Hall.
There were three different workshop times beginning at 6, 6:45, and  7:25. Within in each of these workshops students were able to choose between ten and thirteen workshops.  Students scrambled from workshop to workshop trying to absorb as much information as they could. Some families chose to have the parents go to one classroom/workshop while their son or daughter went to another.  Many of the workshops gave out worksheets or packets as a guideline of what they covered in their 35 minutes of informing parents and students.  
The “College Essay: Finding Your Story” workshop informed parents and  students of what to do and what not to do in a personal statement essay.  Breanne Boyle, college counselor ad speaker of this class, taught the class how to make an essay “not be so boring”.  She said that college admission professionals read anywhere from 60 to 80 college application a day starting at 9 am and going until 10 at night sometimes. Boyle says by the end of the day, “the last thing college admission professionals want to read is a boring, non original essay”.  What colleges look for in a personal essay is “details that allow for  them to get to know the student in a personal way” says Boyle.  
Other workshops such as the “The Pros/Cons of Attending an East Coast College” gave students the benefits and downsides of attending a college on the east coast. The speaker of this workshop was informational and convincing to all students who attended the class. 

Overall, the many speakers at College Knowledge Night were educational and informative to both students and parents.

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