Nick Allen
Sports Edtior

In the annual State of the Union address, President Barrack Obama stated that he would like to place a heightened focus on Preschool Education, creating Government funded programs to prepare young students for Kindergarten.             
Obama stated that “Hope is found in what works. This works. If you are looking for a good bang for your educational buck, this is it. ” 
The plan is to hire highly paid pre-school teachers who provide a highly involved experience for the young minds. These kind of Pre-K programs already exist for those enrolled in Private Preschools, however Obama wants them to be available for children of all economic backgrounds. 
“Study after study shows that the earlier a child begins learning, the better he or she does down the road,” Obama said. “We are not doing enough to give all of our kids that chance.”

 However, several conservatives have spoken out against his plans for the nation’s Educational System, with the main focus of their grievances being the hefty cost it carries. 

If the new Pre-K programs pass, it will cost the Federal Government as much as $10 Billion a year, which is one tenth of the national educational budget.

 “It just doesn’t make any sense,” said Libertarian Leader Andrew J. Coulson. “Why would you want to very expensively expand the programs like this if the evidence of effectiveness is not really sound?” 
This leads into the next criticism, which is the fact that traditionally, these matters were handled on the state level as opposed to the Federal Level.  
Beyond this, there have also been those skeptical of the effectiveness the new plan, and questioned the validity of the studies Obama had stated. 
“The bottom line is that the government simply does not have the money to be spending on this. Education is very important, but the plan calls for raising costs nearly $700 a student.

While Obama mainly wants to focus on bolstering the nation’s Pre-K schooling, he included other educational needs. In his address, he stated the need to increase spending on college education, providing more avenues for post-high school students to take in order to heighten their job opportunities.

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