Nick Allen
Sports Editor

North Korea has ended the armistice that ended the Korean War in
1954, setting off a chain of events that has left many Americans and South
Korean citizens worried for their safety. 

An armistice is an agreement that is reached between two countries in war
that ends the fighting. The armistice lasted for 61 years, and a new era in
North Korean history has begun now that it has been

North Korea made the decision to declare the armistice invalid after the
U.N. declared tougher sanctions to be placed on Korea, who had been in hot water
after their Nuclear Tests on February 12. 

North Korea also cut off communication with South Korea, which has caused
South Korean leaders to become fearful of the possibility of a North Korean
assault on their country. 

While North Korea has previously flirted with the idea of the breaking
the armistice, however it seems that the addition of new leader Kim Jong Un has
invigorated the nation to go through with their threats to end relations with
their southern neighbor.

With the breakage of the armistice, the chances of hostile
activity to take place between the nations goes way up, as does the possibility
of United States intervention.

The situation was worsened when North Korea revamped production
on a Nuclear Reactor that had been dormant since the 1990’s. 

United States Secretary of State John Kerry stated that North
Korea’s actions over the past week, culminating in the revamp of the Reactor,
were “proactive acts” and were “a violation of their international obligations. 

The only retaliation to North Korean activity thus far has been
Internet Hacker group Anonymous, who hacked North Korea’s official Twitter and
Flickr page with numerous embarrassing photos of Leader Kim Jong Un. 

The Anonymous internet takeover has been taken very seriously by the
North Korean government, who are trying to maintain a serious image moving

The effects of the North Korean’s actions are being felt as far as Japan,
who has been very vocal about their displeasure with North Korea’s activity.
They are reluctant to stand by the sidelines, with their nervousness propelling
them to possible action.

There is an overall feeling of uncertainty around what North Korea will
do next, however countries such as America are doing all they can to prevent a
catastrophic event.

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