Melissa McCaslin
Staff Writer

The indie/emo band, Lydia is releasing a new album called Devil on March 19, 2013. Lydia’s new release, Devil, is expected to portray the band’s usual combination of traditional rock with dream or poetic-like harmonies and ruminative choruses.  The album has ten songs: (“The Exit,” “Runaway,” “Knee Deep,” “Devil,” “Back To Bed,” “Holidays,” “Hurry Back Tonight,” “Now I Know,” “Take Your Time,” and “From A Tire Swing.”) The third song on the album, “Knee Deep,” is a single which was released on January 29, 2013 and is now available on iTunes. It’s poetic and soft, yet upbeat in the sort of indie style that Lydia is known for, more upbeat than older material I have heard.  Although there is still some time left before the album is available in stores or on iTunes, it is currently available for pre-order on In addition to the excitement of Lydia’s upcoming new release, they will also be on tour March 20th to May 3 and tickets are available online.  They will be visiting West Hollywood on Friday, April 26  where they will be performing at The Roxy Theatre.  The following day, Saturday, April 27, they will be performing in the Constellation Room at The Observatory in Santa Ana.

 Lydia formed in 2003 in the state of Arizona, split in 2010, and fortunately for fans, reunited in 2011.  The band was noticed in the summer of 2004 thanks to their veteran level of dedication. The band consists of five members; Leighton Antelman on guitar and vocals, Steve McGraw on guitar and organ, Loren Brinton on drums, Evan Aranbul on bass, and Mindy White on vocals and keyboards. They were first recognized as the leading indie band in Arizona and were signed to the record label HourZero. In order to bring their music production to the attention of more people, they started out performing with headliners, Coheed and Cambria, Alien Ant Farm, and Sum 41 on the Zumiez Couch Tour, which assisted them in acquiring more fans across the country.  Lydia was also able to gain more recognition when they won a nationwide talent search hosted by Atticus Clothing, a music and skate-oriented brand founded by Blink-182. The prize was inclusion on Atticus’ Dragging The Lake 3 (Side One Dummy), also featuring Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, and MXPX. Lydia also partitioned in The Bamboozle Festival, Warped Tour in 2006, and the first annual Bamboozle Roadshow in 2008, in which they performed with Saves The Day, Armor For Sleep, and Metro Station. That year, they also signed with Low Altitude Records. Some other bands and artists that Lydia has toured with are Copeland, Lovedrug, Lights, Eye Alaska, and Brave Citizens. 

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