Kara Carlson
Staff Writer

Hearing “Trojans” for the first time on the radio, I knew within seconds it was an instant hit.  I enjoyed it greatly but I didn’t actually get around to looking up the rest of the indie rock band Atlas Genius’ work until much later. This was a big mistake on my part.  The sound is very unique and made me crave more within just a few songs.  Their debut album, released February 19th, When it was Now is empowering, catchy and leaves listeners yearning from more.

Atlas Genius literally built themselves from the ground up.  Three years before the group even played their first live show they began to design and build their own.  The alternative-indie band from Adelaide, Australia played cover songs for two years at local pubs to continue funding their dream studio.  The four members consist of three brothers, guitar and vocalist Keith Jeffery; brother Michael Jeffery, drum; Steven Jeffery on bass; and friend Darren Sell on keyboards.  Their debut album was forerun by an EP Through the Glass. Two of the songs, their hit “Trojans”, and another phenomenal song, “Symptoms” are also on When it Was Now.

The overall sound is comprised of incredibly unique beats, blended with great vocals. The songs are different than most mainstream music but in my opinion, actually more catchy. They draw attention without overbearing, or being too over developed, creating an amazing fusion.  Fans of Phoenix or Vampire Weekend would love the group.

From their debut album, the song “If So” captures the feel of the music. It presents an incredibly mesmerizing beat and drags listeners along for the ride, thrilling them the whole way. Every member clearly adds to the potion without turning it to poison. They truly have found the perfect balancing system to create amazement.

In their song “Through the Glass,” the musical genius of each member is definitely represented. Each crash of the cymbal was timed perfectly to draw listeners in and keep them in anticipation.  All the other instruments contribute to this feeling.  With lyrics such as “All gets lost in the fire that warms who we are, get lost,” and the easy going vocals continue the idea and tie everything together as one.

The band definitely presents interesting yet catchy variety. No one song quite sounds alike yet they all do seem to belong together and definitely have the same overall style that could only be presented by Atlas Genius. Each song is an instant hit. Atlas Genius should definitely be on their way to becoming the next big indie band.

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