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The Walking Dead is back! The AMC series is based off the comic book of the same name. The series focuses on a deputy, Rick, who was put into a coma and was woken up to find that the world has become over run by zombies which are known as "walkers".

In December, ‘The Walking Dead’ left us wanting more after they had its mid-season finale. The finale episode takes place in Woodberry, which is a secret town, that is safe from the "walkers" and anything else that could be a threat to anyone. It may seem like a nice place but it is controlled by a sick and twisted man, the Governor. Chaos breaks out when Rick and others had to try and save their friends, Glenn and Maggie, from being taken by Merle and the Governor. A gun fight then begins in the town and is now a middle of a battlefield. In the end the Governor takes Daryl hostage and then turns his own back on Merle, Daryl’s brother. The two brothers were then left together to fight for their own lives disregarding being family.

Just then, the episode ends leaving you with millions of questions and anticipation. Two months go by and the mid-season premiere is here taking you back right where it left you. The group escapes together but leaves the brothers behind, on their own. They soon do find their way back together but things are rocky and no one is too sure what to do now.

For revenge, The Governor comes to the prison, where Rick and his group have been staying to be safe from the world outside of the prison gates. Knowing that he has to keep his group safe, Rick goes to discuss things with the Governor. Rick returns to the prison, really anxious about what has happened.

He then announces that there will be war between the two groups. Everyone is now terrified and no one is safe.

There are only three more episodes left in the third season.

The Walking Dead has new episodes every Sunday night at 9 on AMC .

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