Halle McClain
Staff Writer

 Yes, it is only March, but the best way to be completely prepared for your upcoming AP Test in a month and a half is to get a
  head start on it. Your guide to studying for the AP test can be summed up in 5 steps.

1. Embrace the book.

A Cliffnotes AP study book should be your biggest investment as a student this year. More specifically, it should be your new best friend. Become familiar with the book. Each book contains a condensed guide of the entire course, complete with the most important material you need to know. Cliffnotes also provides helpful tips like which questions you should skip and come back to later, or specific trends that College Board likes to follow in the multiple
choice sections.

2. Practice makes perfect.

It may sound cliché, but the best action any AP student can take is to practice. Whether you notice it or not, every practice test you take will make you better and better. One of the hardest parts about AP tests is the unfamiliarity, because you only take them once a year. The more you practice, the more familiar you will become with what will be on the test. There will be no surprises, and therefore, no freak outs.

3. Highlights.

(Not hair highlights, unfortunately.) Highlighting will prevent your brain from exploding. There is no possible way to remember everything from an entire year of material, and College Board won’t test you on everything either. Know the important facts. Go through each chapter you learned this year and highlight the three most important points from every chapter. Know those points
and know them well; it’s what you will be tested on.

4. Make studying more enjoyable.

Impossible? No. Put on your favorite pair of sweats on, head to Starbucks with your study materials, and go over some main points while sipping on your favorite drink. If you want, you can even throw on a pair of those non-prescription, hipster, thick-rimmed glasses that make you feel at least 17% smarter than you actually are.

Also, when you finish going through a chapter of material, reward yourself. Whether it’s with a little break or your favorite treat, it’s important to feel good after studying because it will keep you coming back for more.

5. Just relax.
The anxiety will get you nowhere. There is no need to stress. The absolute hardest part of the AP test is getting over the apprehension. You forgot who Sigmund Freud was for a second? Don’t worry. You lost your pencil? No big deal. Don’t psyche yourself out. Have confidence, it might take you further than the hours of studying will.


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