Claire Farmer
Staff Writer

For two consecutive weekends each year thousands of people converge on Empire Polo Club in Indio California for the Coachella music festival.  Its popularity in undeniable, as illustrated by the tremendous demand for tickets. The first weekend’s passes for April 12-14 sold out with fifteen and the second weekend shortly thereafter.  The festival has created a rich history since its inception in 1999.
The festival has taken place every year except for 2000 due to their loss the previous year with lack and high prices of water bottles.  To make up for the mistake of the previous year, Coachella started offering free water bottles to the attendees.  The festival was extended from its original two days to three days in 2007. It was finally extended to two weekends in 2012. It draws a broad audience by featuring numerous types of music including Indie, rock, electronic music and hip hop. Music is performed on stages throughout the grounds. They are the Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, and the Sahara Tent.
There is also a second part of the festival dedicated to the visual arts. This includes visual arts that are interactive as well as arts and sculptures.  Each year there is great anticipation of who will be performing. This involves many rumors of certain artist that may or may not perform. 

The 2013 lineup which has been well received includes act such as the Stone Roses, Blur and the Postal Service, Phoenix, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, Lou Reed and Jurassic 5 to name a few. One of this year’s biggest rumors were that that the Rolling Stones and Justin Timberlake would be in the lineup, that however turned out not to be true.  There have been some notable performers who have appeared such as Paul McCartney, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog and Madonna. 

Another big benefiter of the festival is the surrounding community and businesses.  As the thousands come to the Coachella Valley they spend on lodging, food and entertainment.  The festival also allows for camping and many attendees have taken advantage of this since its first offering in 2003. There will be no need to carry around a jacket, it gets very hot throughout the day.  They have also remained sensitive to the environment and the potential impact of the festival.  They promote and reward people for carpooling.  It also has a recycling program that they created with Global Inheritance that is a 10 for 1 program. If you collect ten empty water bottles you receive a free one. 

As the festival has grown it has adapted to the changing music scene and attendees to create a unique musical environment.  One simply change was when they moved the event to April which allowed for milder temperatures and an overall better experience.  Be sure to always stay with a buddy; Coachella is not the place where you want to get lost.  So with each year everyone flocks to Indio to hear the best in music in an incredible experience.

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