Dana Siegel
Editorials Editor

The differences between men and women have been celebrated for centuries.

It’s not sexist; it’s true. There are some objective reasons for some double standards between men and women but we should recognize that there are some positive distinctions inherent in that double standard. Sure, women shouldn’t have to bear the larger share of the burden of an unwanted pregnancy and men probably should not always be on the “losing” side of a divorce or child custody battle but what about other circumstances?

            These are some of the advantages that mark this time in history as the Golden Age of Manhood.

1.      Men can go to the bathroom without a support group.

2.      They only need three pairs of shoes.

3.      They can select their school clothes from a hamper.

4.      Movie nudity is almost always female.

5.      They can whip their shirts off on a hot day.

6.      Bathroom lines are 90% shorter.

7.      Hot wax never touches certain areas.

8.      Men have one mood which lasts all month.

9.      Mechanics tell them the truth.

10.  The world is their urinal and they can write their initials in the snow...standing up.

            This is why it truly is the best time to be a woman in the United States.

1.      Women can congratulate a teammate without ever patting her butt.

2.      Ladies have no problem pulling over and asking for directions.

3.      Shoes. Women can hoard, collect, and worship shoes. They are wearable art.

4.      Girls look cute in their boyfriend’s clothes; men look imbecilic in their girlfriend’s dresses.

5.      It’s perfectly all right for a woman to lie about her age.

6.      Women live longer and they get the big insurance payout.

7.      A sinking ship? Women and children first!

8.      When they are crazed and emotional, women can blame it on “time of the month”.

9.      Girls always have the prerogative to change their mind.

10.   The best thing about being a woman? You’re not a man.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a firm proponent of the ERA. It’s important that society establishes equal rights and opportunities for women, to destroy that glass ceiling once and for all.  However, we must recognize that there are some immutable biological difference between men and women. Viva la difference

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