Michelle Samson
Contributing Writer

Since the times of ancient Greece, wrestling has been a sport in the Olympic Games. The activity has stood the test of time and was one of the original events in the first modern Olympics that began in 1896 and has been there ever since. However, all of its rich history will be forgotten by the time 2020 comes around.

In the 2020 Olympic games, squash, wakeboarding, wushu, and most importantly, wrestling, will be removed due to the International Olympic Committee’s vote to drop them. With 41 countries participating in Wrestling in the last summer games, it should not have to compete for a spot in the next Olympics against other insignificant sports whose existence in the games is not being challenged.

The IOC commented on their decision saying that they wanted to make the Olympics more “mainstream” and “viewer friendly”. It is sad that the inclusion of a sport so significant to human history is in jeopardy because boosting television ratings is the network’s only care.  This is hurting the popularity of the sport even more. Without the vital coverage it gets for the summer games, it will become as irrelevant as wushu or wakeboarding. Seeing a sport on television is what draws people into the spirit and energy of the event and gets people to participate in the sport themselves. Although it is not popularized by the media on a regular basis, during the games it becomes wildly popular like other normally not talked about sports like gymnastics. Role models rise from the mat and finally catch the media’s eyes with a gold medal hanging from their neck and a hard working, inspiring story behind their achievements. Jordan Burroughs in the London Games is a perfect example of this. He became relevant because of the Olympics, winning the gold for the freestyle event in his weight.

Not only does this cut affect the media’s coverage of the sport, it also affects the participation of many young teens in wrestling. People will view wrestling as an inferior sport if it is cut from the games, therefore diminishing the population of wrestlers around the globe. Many teens participate in the sport for self-defense or bettering themselves at football. Less promotion leads to less athletes partaking in the sport, which leads to programs being cut with less availability of these other participators to join wrestling for the betterment of their athletic skills.

Wrestling should not be cut from the 2020 Olympics because it will lead to the deteriorating of the sport and all of its abounding history.

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